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The Founders

Super Duper Snack is founded by two loving parents and wife husband duo, Dr. Yubo Zhang and Dr. Thilo Strauss, who share the same passion about food and believe no sugar added snack should also be tasty.

Dr. Yubo Zhang is a mother of two with a passion for healthy food and snacks. During Christmas family vacation on a cruise ship, her son was sugar high from all the chocolate Santas that he collected from the buffet. The dilemma of happy versus healthy kids inspired the idea of starting Super Duper Snack.

She has years of work experience in food industry in the US. Dr. Zhang also serves as an adjunct assistant professor in the College of Agriculture at Clemson University. She graduated with a bachelor's in veterinary medicine (Northwest A&F University), a master's degree in food science (Clemson University), another master's degree in data science (UC Berkeley), and a Ph.D. in microbiology with a focus on food safety (Clemson University).

Dr. Thilo Strauss is a mathematiciain and researcher who did his postoc research at the University of Washington (Seattle) School of medicine (department of pediatrics). He also has a passion for design and is a foodie at heart.